Shannon Spills Shocking Details Of How MBK Mismanaged Her Career And Why She’s Leaving Korea

She’s leaving Korea after struggling for too long.

Shannon Williams held a Q&A session on her Instagram Story, where she answered fans’ questions about music, games, and life.


One of the fans asked if Shannon has plans on leaving Korea. She surprised the fans when she confessed that she is planning on leaving Korea and her agency “very very soon“.

She wants to go abroad where she can be more carefree and in charge of her own music.


Earlier this month, Shannon had tweeted that she was going to be “free from the dungeon“. At the time, no one was 100% sure what she meant from the Tweet.


But it appears she was calling MBK the “dungeon” as she revealed shocking details about how the agency mismanaged her career.

They stopped paying her, manipulated situations without her consent, failed to credit her correctly, and unreasonably forced her to stay in Korea to go on shows she didn’t want to.


Shannon blames MBK for not allowing her to have an official comeback since “HELLO”, which dropped in July 2017.


However, Shannon promises to drop something new soon after leaving MBK.


Shannon also revealed that she may make a comeback as a musical actress but will first focus on her music.

“Hm I do want to do a musical for the first time in a long time, but I want to think about it after I promote as an artist more!” — Shannon


After facing all of the struggles in the Korean music industry, Shannon plans on going back to her hometown, London, very soon.


Hopefully, Shannon will be releasing more songs after recuperating in London! Listen to her beautiful vocals in her 2018 project, ‘Hatred Farewell’.