Shaun’s Agency Says They Did Not “Pull A Nilo,” But Cancels All His Interviews

“No matter how long it takes, we will not be lenient with taking care of this.”

Shaun, an EDM artist that is accused of having “Nilo-ed” — or manipulated the charts, is now looking into taking legal action against netizens spreading false rumors about his place on the charts.


When Shaun appeared to shoot his way up the music charts, past the hottest comeback tracks of TWICE and BLACKPINK, Koreans immediately assumed this to be a case of classic chart manipulation.

Meet Shaun, The Singer Rising On The Charts Faster Than Nilo


To this, Shaun’s management agency DCTOM Entertainment claimed there is nothing illegal about Shaun’s hike up the chart.

“To clarify, there is no ‘sajaegi (사재기, chart manipulation)’ or illegal marketing going on here. All we did was introduce the track via Facebook. From that, we saw an explosive reaction which must have reflected on the charts.” — DCTOM Entertainment


The agency stated it is unfortunate to have so many accusations cloud an unprecedented case of success for the agency and the artist.

“This is the first time anything like this has happened in the Korean EDM scene. This is also the first time our agency’s managing artist has gone on the chart. So while this is something we should all be celebrating with Shaun, we are sadly being asked to explain ourselves because of false accusations and rumors.” — DCTOM Entertainment


Shaun’s agency shared its disappointment at how the artist’s success has been taken by the general public.

“To ask us to ‘explain ourselves’ automatically assumes that we are criminals and we’ve done something wrong. It also demands of us to ‘clarify’ how something has happened the way it has, to prove that we’re not criminals. We don’t know how it happened, because we didn’t manipulate anything. There is no reason for us to explain why Shaun went on the chart.” — DCTOM Entertainment


However, due to mental anxiety, Shaun has cancelled all his scheduled interviews.


And as it turns out, Shaun’s company DCTOM is connected to Limez Entertainment, who is currently under investigation for Nilo’s alleged chart manipulation.


To conclude, the agency firmly insisted that it will be strict in taking legal action against anyone who spreads false rumors about Shaun.

“We will take strict legal action against those who try to defame Shaun by spreading false accusations and rumors. No matter how long it takes, we will not be lenient with taking care of this.” — DCTOM Entertainment


Koreans aren’t convinced though. They continue to believe Shaun soared to #1 on charts with the help of illegal digital manipulation tactics.

  • “It’s unprecedented because you’re the first in the EDM scene to manipulate your way on to the chart. What do you think we are, stupid?”

  • “F*cking lies. No one knows who you are, yet 50K+ people listened to your song in the middle of the night? No. Even the hottest K-Pop group’s fandom couldn’t pull that off.”

  • “Here’s an idea. How about you hold a concert? That way you can prove that there are all these people who found your music amazing. Right?”

  • “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

  • “Strict legal action, LMAO. That’s hilarious. Let’s talk about legal action, hmm?”

  • “Okay, so you’re not a criminal. But you’re a fraud.”
Source: E Today and Ilgan Sports