Shawn Mendes Gives Updates About His Collaboration With BTS

Finally some news on their collaboration!

Fans have been waiting for a collaboration between BTS and Shawn Mendes since Shawn met the group at the American Music Awards, sparking rumors of a collaboration.


A month later during an interview, RM named Shawn as one of his celebrity crushes.

“I have to mention Shawn Mendes because he’s like the most good looking man I’ve ever seen in 2017. He was so handsome.”– RM


Around the same time, the solo singer gave his own interview and admitted that he would love to collaborate with BTS.

“I think they’re incredible. Oh yeah, I would love to [collaborate with them].I think that would be amazing. I would leave the dancing to them, though.”— Shawn Mendes


Since the interview, there hasn’t been any news of their possible collaboration. Until now that is!


Recently, Shawn was on the Roz and Mocha Show promoting some of his work. Luckily, the hosts were looking out for ARMYs and wanted to know more about the collaboration.

“The latest on the collaboration with BTS? They’re a hard group to get with. You know they’re busy people.” — Shawn Mendes


After explaining they are a very busy group, he admitted that they haven’t had any time to work on it together and couldn’t give a date for release but promised it was going to happen.

“I have no lyrics on their collaboration yet, but it will happen for sure. I promise! I can’t give you a date because we haven’t hung out and wrote a song yet, but it will happen because I love them and their fans too. I really do promise it’s going to happen.” — Shawn Mendes


Although Shawn said that they hadn’t even met up to work on it, the hosts weren’t convinced. Roz, in particular, was convinced that they had already worked on lyrics.

“Shawn Mendes is a nice guy and everything, but I think he might be lying about not having lyrics. They’ve got something going on. I have the feeling the lyrics are already there. I think Shawn Mendes already recorded his parts and I think BTS already recorded their parts. And on a hard drive somewhere, there exists the pieces that just need to be lego-ed together to make a song.”  — Roz


And Mocha chimed in that they were probably keeping things quite on purpose.

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“I tell you what used to be cool was announcing a release date for something and then fans would camp out. That’s not cool anymore. What’s cool now is saying you have nothing then releasing it on Friday. That’s what’s cool now! Beyonce and Jay-Z did that last week!”  — Mocha


So are Moch and Roz right and the collaboration has already been worked on, or is Shawn telling the truth? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see but at least we do know that it is going to happen!

Source: @KiSS925