Popular Male Actor Was Caught Up In Gay Rumors After He Sucked On A Lollipop On TV

They said it was too sexual.

Actor Shim Hyung Tak recently guest starred on Radio Star, where the hosts asked him about a rumor that claimed he was gay.


The rumors arose after Shim Hyung Tak sucked on a lollipop during his segment on Omniscient. The footage showed him sucking on a blue lollipop as he moved it in and out of his mouth with his eyes closed.


Viewers believed the way he sucked on the lollipop resembled a certain sexual act, sparking rumors that Shim Hyung Tak is gay.


The hosts of Omniscient had also cracked up at the time because of the way he sucked on the lollipop.


But Shim Hyung Tak clarified that he’s not gay. He was simply enjoying the music as he tried to color his tongue blue like Doraemon, his favorite character!

“The candy is called ‘Paint Candy’. The purpose of the candy is to try and paint your tongue a certain color. That’s why I ate it like that. It’s fun to show other people your tongue after you color it.”

— Shim Hyung Tak


Shim Hyung Tak is a famous fanatic of the animation character named, Doraemon, and he just wanted to color his tongue to resemble his favorite character!


He confessed that he was surprised to see gay rumors about him when he was just innocently enjoying a piece of candy.

“A lot of people said it was very sexual… And one day, ‘Shim Hyung Tak gay’ came up on the search engines.”

— Shim Hyung Tak


At the end, Shim Hyung Tak isn’t gay and that’s just that.

Source: Sports Hankook