Shin Ah Young Is A Total Fangirl For BTS’s Jimin And His Amazing Dance Skills

Jimin is capturing everyone’s heart!

Television personality Shin Ah Young recently appeared on the latest episode of SBS‘s Same Bed, Different Dreams: You are my destiny 2 where she praised BTS‘s Jimin!

On June 21st, Shin Ah Young and several other big stars joined her as guest on the recent episode of Same Bed, Different Dreams: You are my destiny 2. During the episode, Shin Ah Young’s friendship with actress Lee Young Ae was brought up because of its unique origin. According to Shin Ah Young, she and Lee Young Ae became friends through a BTS!

I went to a concert with her. A friend of mine is close to Lee Young Ae. The three of us went to a BTS concert.

— Shin Ah Young

It appears BTS doesn’t just make amazing music, but great friendships as well! Shin Ah Young explained that because they shared a common interest (BTS) she and Lee Young Ae were able to become close.

Shin Ah Young shared that Lee Young Ae is such a huge ARMY she knows everything about the members, including Jimin’s dance background. She mentioned that because Jimin had taken modern dance, he’s a great dancer.

She’s a huge fan of BTS, so she knows everyone. Actually Jimin used to take dance classes and I forgot about that. Lee Young Ae reminded me of that. ‘The reason that Jimin is a good at dancing is because he took modern dance.’ She told me that.

— Shin Ah Young

It’s no surprise that Jimin and his skills were able to captivate the hearts of these two huge stars as he is known as one of the industry’s best dancers today!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Along with Shin Ah Young and Lee Young Ae, several other celebrities, as well as professional dancers, have praised Jimin and his stunning technique. For example, Matthew Bourne, a high-profile choreographer and theater director, has applauded Jimin and his incredible moves!

BTS has accomplished several amazing things and continues to steal the hearts of everyone!


Check out the clip below: