Shin Dong Yup Confesses He Was Once Casted In An Adult Film

“I played the main character’s friend. All I did was watch.” 

MC Shin Dong Yup stated he had once filmed for an adult movie.

Shin Dong Yup (left) and Kim Yoo Jung (right) | SBS’s Drama Awards/SBS

The comedian, who is one of three “National MCs,” alongside Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Ho Dong, is famous for his signature rated R humor.

Shin Dong Yup on Witch Hunt | JTBC

In a teaser for the episode of Along With The Gods airing on April 22, Shin Dong Yup admits that during his college years, the comedian had filmed as an extra for an adult movie, shocking guests and panelists alike.

Shin Dong Yup | Along With The Gods/Channel S

When asked what role he played, Shin Dong Yup replied, “I played the main character’s friend. All I did was watch.”

Cast of Along With The Gods. From left to right: Lee Yong Jin, Sung Shi Kyung, Park Sun Young, and Shin Dong Yup | Channel S

The comedian stated that “Unfortunately, my scene was edited out. But I did receive money for filming.”

Park Sun Young (left) and Shin Dong Yup (right) | Along With The Gods/Channel S

Debuting in 1991, Shin Dong Yup has become a beloved comedian for his quick wit and adult-themed humor. The MC has recently made news for the return of Witch Hunt, one of Korea’s first and only adult-themed talk show to gain major commercial success.

Witch Hunt | JTBC

Along With The Gods is a talk show featuring Korea’s once brightest stars in a previous era. The talk show revolves around the changes and differences in Korea’s entertainment industry from then to now while sharing the stories of stars that shone brightest in the past. Check out the teaser for the episode mentioned above in the link below.

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