Shin Hae Chul Street and monument to be constructed in memory of Shin Hae Chul

Plans are currently underway to create Shin Hae Chul Street, including a memorial and monument, in memory of South Korean rock idol Shin Hae Chul.

The construction is set to be in Bundang district, the largest and most populous district in Seongnam, Seoul. It has been revealed that “There have been discussions to build the memorial and monument which will contain analects.”

On March 5th, in a interview with OSEN, a spokesperson from Seongnam City Hall has stated, “This project is not led by the municipality, it is rather only a reflection of the citizens’ opinions. The opinions of fans and citizens are very important.” It has also been reported that there have been active cooperation for the project.

He further stated, “Songs of the late Shin Hae Chul is released throughout the city, and we are having discussions about erecting a monument recorded with analects as well as a memorial that will showcase relics.”

Seongnam will be holding a talk concert for citizens and fans, where they can talk and exchange opinions with bereaved family members. This just shows the extent to which Seongnam cares about the views of fans and citizens. At the concert, the band N.EX.T is expected to perform. Chairperson Nam Gung Yon and other related people will also attend the event.

Just today, it has been announced that the Shin Hae Chul Street will start its construction from the musician’s workroom and spanning across 160 metres.

Shin Hae Chul passed away in October 2014 due to medical malpractice with his last work released on December 24th last year. Nevertheless, the artist is still in many of the fans hearts as seen in the limited edition posthumous album being sold out.

Source: kstyle