Moon Se Hoon And Shin Ji Yeon Reunite As She And “Single’s Inferno” Co-Stars Support His Business Launch

A mini “Single’s Inferno” reunion happened, thanks to Se Hoon!

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Single’s Inferno OTP Moon Se Hoon and Shin Ji Yeon have finally reunited!

Shin Ji Yeon (left) and Moon Se Hoon (right). | Netflix

Viewers initially had mixed feelings for this couple as it appeared one-sided on Se Hoon’s side for a while. They certainly had a rollercoaster love journey throughout the series until ultimately leaving the island as a couple.

Moon Se Hoon (left) and Shin Ji Yeon (right). | Netflix

Recently, Se Hoon shared in an interview that their relationship is currently undefined. They are on good terms, but both have their own hectic schedules, making things difficult. She continues her education while he is busy in business.

These days, both Ji Yeon and I are very busy. Ji Yeon has also recently started her YouTube channel. And she already has her studies. As far as I know, she is preparing to go to graduate school. I’m also busy with my work and business. We don’t meet often.

— Moon Se Hoon

As seen in the show, he has been running his own restaurant Onlygo in Gangnam. Recently even his co-stars, including Ji Yeon, visited (just as she promised).

Team ESTJ👩‍👩‍👦

It’s great to be with these beauties.
(I uploaded the second one, Min Ji )

— Kim Hyun Joong’s caption

Still, he also recently launched a new business. Se Hoon, along with Jung Jae Hak, created a new minimalist fashion brand called Studio Tedoh.

Studio Tedoh is a brand that shows the attitude of life of Jung Jae Hak and Moon Se hoon as clothes.
Everyone lives with different tastes and attitudes every moment. People express tastes, attitudes and today’s mood and feelings through clothes.
Studio Tedoh is not just presenting single taste and attitudes.
Studio Tedoh is aiming for a contemporary fashion.
All of the designs of Studio Tedoh are based on minimalism.
We have a philosophy that clothing should be supported by design which do not change over time and materials of high quality.
We keep a balance of comfort and sophistication based on this philosophy.

— Studio Tedoh

Studio Tedoh will be an online brand, meaning you can purchase through the website. However, to launch the new business, Se Hoon hosted a pop-up store at his restaurant Onlygo for two days, February 20 and 21. There, he could meet with customers.

‘Studio Tedoh’, which has been carefully prepared for a long time, will finally be launched.
‘Studio Tedoh’ is a brand that expresses the attitude of life through clothes.
‘Tedoh’ has the same pronunciation as the word that means attitude in Korean.
We would like to express various attitudes and minds, not just presenting one taste and attitude.

— Moon Se Hoon

Se Hoon promised that no purchase was necessary. He just encouraged visitors to come and experience “Tedoh.”

Even if you don’t buy the product, please visit comfortably and experience the first product of ‘Tedoh’. I hope you can feel our attitude toward ‘Tedoh’.

— Moon Se Hoon

It’s safe to say now it was a successful launch for Studio Tedoh! We’re all proud of Se Hoon, but no one is more proud than his Single’s Inferno co-stars.

I’d like to use this video to thank everyone who supported Tedoh.

Everyone who came out to onlygo despite the cold weather

The staff at hoteldawson who worked hard and helped plan the event

My onlygoteam family who are constantly sweating blood sweat and tears with me

My best designer, Jung Jae Hak

This was possible and will be able to continue thanks to you all.

To show my gratitude, I’ll work harder and show a better side to myself.

I sincerely thank you.

— Moon Se Hoon

They’ve been showing their support for Se Hoon’s latest endeavor, not just online…

| @moonofsh/Instagram

You worked hard from planning to finish, Boss Moon

— Kim Jun Sik

…but also in person.

Kim Jun Sik (behind) and Moon Se Hoon (front). | @juncore_/Instagram

Boss Moon’s ‘Tedoh’

— Kim Jun Sik

On the first day, Kim Jun Sik visited Se Hoon at the pop-up event. They even met some fans together.

Fan (left) and Kim Jun Sik (right). | @juncore_/Instagram

Kim Jun Sik: Please visit Tedoh often! Only go!

Original post: He’s really good looking IRL…

Jun Sik helped advertise the event by sharing a few posts, including pictures with Se Hoon. It’s so good to see them together again!

From left: Kim Jun Sik, fan, and Moon Se Hoon. | @juncore_/Instagram

At 628-39 Sinsa-dong
Until Monday 2/21

— Kim Jun Sik

Of course, Kim Jun Sik wasn’t the only Single’s Inferno castmate to visit. He’s just the first of many. Fellow clothing brand owner Oh Jin Taek also paid a visit.

Oh Jin Taek (left) and Moon Se Hoon (right). | @moonofsh/Instagram

He also advertised on his Instagram account by sharing a shot of the pop-up store, tagging both the brand and Se Hoon.

| @timelessbruno/Instagram

Likewise, K-Pop backup dancer Cha Hyun Seung came by. Like Jin Taek, it appears he left with a few bags!

Moon Se Hoon (left) and Cha Hyun Seung (right). | @moonofsh/Instagram

Hyun Seung wasn’t alone, though. He visited with Seong Min Ji and Shin Ji Yeon. Thus, there ended up being a mini Single’s Inferno reunion, and we finally got to see Ji Yeon and Se Hoon together again!

From left: Cha Hyun Seung, Seung Min Ji, Shin Ji Yeon, and Moon Se Hoon. | @502bright/Instagram

The girls each shared photos on their Instagram too, advertising the event on the second day.

| @im_min.vely/Instagram

As Tedoh sells both clothes for men and women, everyone left with some new fits!

Seong Min Ji | @im_min.vely/Instagram

Ji Yeon tagged Se Hoon, Onlygo, and Studio Tedoh in her upload.

Shin Ji Yeon | @jiiiyeonie__/Instagram

The cast are all so supportive of each other! They all truly gained something even greater than love or romance: friendship!

Source: Studio Tedoh

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