SHINee Celebrate Taemin’s Discharge From The Military

Taemin’s back!

SHINee are celebrating the return of Taemin!

Completing his mandatory military service, Taemin was finally discharged. He recently shared a handwritten letter with Shawols (SHINee fans) since he returned and held a live broadcast via Instagram.

Hello, this is Taemin. It has been both a really long and short time. Even though it seemed like a valuable time for me to look back on myself, I realized more that I was grateful and happy for the past time I had.

I missed everyone so much that the words ‘I miss you’ are not enough, and I know this is how all of you who believed in and waited for me felt as well. It’s funny, but this thought gave me more strength. It is also one of the reasons that made me more mature.

Thank you so much for making a person like me special, and I will move forward with a sense of mission while repaying you with a grateful heart for the rest of my life. I will always be a part of your happiness. I wish us the best moving forward.

— Taemin

Shawols are not the only ones excited about Taemin’s return, though…

Taemin shared a couple of photos on Instagram, marking his return to social media. He thanked Shawols for waiting.

His fellow SHINee members, Key, leader Onew, and Minho, all appeared in the post’s comment section. They proved to be just as excited as us for Taemin’s return.

Key: you worked hard

Onew: hey lee taemin is back?

Minho: lee taeminnie you’re back…… 👏😢😍🔥❤️❤️‍🔥

We know they must have missed their maknae so much!