SHINee Dedicates The Lyrics Of Their 3rd Title Track “Our Page” To Jonghyun

The heartfelt lyrics are uniting SHINee fans worldwide.

SHINee revealed the third and final part, “The Story of Light Ep. 3” of the group’s three part 6th album and it is making their fans cry. The lyrics to the title song, “Our Page”, have been written by the other four SHINee members to commemorate Jonghyun — and the fans can’t handle it.


SHINee’s official Instagram page shared one by one the members’ handwritten messages, each dedicated to remembering Jonghyun through the track.

“When I stand back on the road we used to travel together, I’m reminded of the five hands piled on top of each other, the tears, the memories. Everything is so clear, I don’t want to forget. I cannot forget.” — Onew


Key wrote, “If all the stars disappeared, would I be able to forget? You meant so much to me and I embrace you in my arms. This page of a fiction that isn’t over yet, will you please be with me until the end? You did great.”


Minho shared his belief that Jonghyun will be able to hear the SHINee members’ voices.

“All the beautiful words you left behind turn into a poem, a song. We know the voices will soar and reach where you are.” — Minho


Taemin reminisced to when SHINee members first came together.

“The boys from May 25, 2008… The waves of green which shined that spring… Our time will go on, forever, stretching far.” — Taemin


Now that the track is released, fans are hearing the lyrics being sung in the members’ voices and the emotional response is powerful. The music video is bringing SHINee fans from all over the world together.

  • “We miss you so much, Jonghyun. We love you.”

  • “My heart is breaking.”

  • “They are walking towards the aqua lights symbolizes that Jonghyun and Shawols always shine on them, Guiding them through the darkness.”

  • “SHINee opened the door and invited us in to share their grief and their strength. People around the world…with different languages, culture, lifestyles, nationalities ….are feeling and crying together. Proud of these men in their struggle to move forward and in how they have shared with and relied on the support of each other and of Shawols.”

  • “Thank you always, SHINee. I cried so much watching the music video.”


This album is also everything the fans have wanted in that the last song features Jonghyun’s voice. The special track “Lock You Down” has become an invaluable gift to the SHINee fans celebrating the group’s 10th anniversary.


Watch the music video for “Our Page” here:

Source: News1