SHINee Fans Demand Better From SM Entertainment Following Disappointing Fan Meeting Venue

“Shawols are better off buying Beyond Live while they sit in the venue.”

SHINee fans were left disappointed after SM Entertainment announced the venue for the group’s upcoming fan meetingEveryday is SHINee Day: [Piece of SHINE]. The seating plan for the fan meeting, which will be held in KINTEX 7HALL, was recently released, and fans are beyond frustrated. Shawols expressed their disappointment on social media, demanding better from the entertainment company.

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According to the seating plan and pictures taken during past events, the venue will have no raised seats, making it nearly impossible for fans seated in the back to have a good view of the stage.

The fan meeting, which is set to take place on May 27th, is one of the first opportunities for SHINee to meet their fans in person following Taemin completing his military enlistment. The event was highly anticipated by fans, but the questionable seating arrangement has left many feeling disappointed and cheated.

Fans took to Twitter to express their anger and disappointment at the venue choice. Many consider it disrespectful to the fandom, which has supported SHINee for almost 15 years. Others also say the venue is an upsetting choice as it undermines SHINee’s incredible popularity.

The view from the seats in the back is so bad that fans are even joking those seated there are better off watching the concert on Beyond Live.

But Beyond Live is yet another concern shared by Shawols, as no stream on the platform has been announced yet. The popular online concert platform has been used by many K-pop groups in the past years following the COVID-19 pandemic, which made it impossible for artists to hold in-person concerts with fans. Shawols who are unable to attend the fan meeting in person were hoping for a Beyond Live stream, sadly so far, none has been announced.

Despite the disappointment, many fans are still looking forward to the fan meeting and the chance to see their favorite group in person.

SM Entertainment has not yet responded to the fans’ complaints about the venue, but it is clear that fans will continue to demand better from the entertainment company. With the popularity of SHINee and the passion of their fans, Shawols deem it important for SM Entertainment to listen to their feedback and ensure the fan meeting is a positive experience for everyone involved.

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