SHINee Pays Tribute To Jonghyun In Their New “Atlantis” Music Video

They’re bringing him along on their adventure with Shawols.

SHINee is back with a new music video that’s taking fans under the sea!

Today, SHINee dropped Atlantis, a repackage of their seventh Korean studio album Don’t Call Me. In the “Atlantis” MV, the group pays tribute to their eternal member Jonghyun by bringing him along on a deep-sea adventure.


The video begins with Jonghyun’s birthday, April 8, appearing in the bottom lefthand corner.

During this dance scene, Taemin extends his arm out for Jonghyun, reminding the world that SHINee is, and will always be, five.

Toward the end of the video, SHINee also arranges themselves in a 5-member formation on this nautical stage.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out SHINee’s “Atlantis” MV here!