SHINee Jonghyun’s Instagram Is Now Officially A Memorialized Account

A great way to remember those who will always be in our hearts.

Fans have begun to notice the new feature that is being offered on Instagram which allows accounts to be memorialized. As it is a new feature, it might not show up if your app has not been updated or it might not have reached your region yet.

When you visit the account of a memorialized account it will show the word ‘remembering’ in the profile area.

If you click on the word, a message will appear explaining that the account has been memorialized as a way to celebrate someone’s life after they have passed.

The link from the message will send you to Instagram’s help page that shows what happens when an Instagram account gets memorialized.

Fans are happy to know that while no one will be able to make any changes to the existing posts on the account, the photos/videos and comments on the account will remain.

Previously, Twitter stated that they would be removing inactive accounts, but Shawol’s took it in their own hands to try and stop them from deleting Jonghyun’s account. They ultimately revealed that they will not be deleting accounts and will find a way to memorialize them soon.

Fans hope that other social accounts of those that have passed will introduce the memorializing feature so that they can always remember and come back to the page to leave comments whenever they are missed.