SHINee’s Key Addresses His “Half-Body Bath” Comment About Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

“I said I could do it, but…”

Fans of K-Pop superstars SHINee and Girls’ Generation were sent into a frenzy when Key made a cheeky confession about his close bond with the girl group’s leader, Taeyeon. The ever-candid Key, known for his quick wit and playful nature, made a statement that not only left netizens laughing out loud but also underscored the depth of their platonic relationship.

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In a previous YouTube video on SHINee’s official channel, a spirited debate between Key and bandmate Taemin got everyone’s attention. The duo was discussing whether men and women can maintain friendships without any romantic inclinations. Taemin was skeptical, expressing the age-old sentiment that “guys and girls can’t just be friends.”

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To this, Key confidently responded with a unique example of his friendship with Taeyeon.

I can even do a half-body bath with Taeyeon.

— SHINee’s Key

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His unexpected revelation took the internet by storm, turning into meme-worthy material overnight. Fans were both amused and amazed, celebrating the duo’s close-knit bond.


However, with every viral comment comes a trail of speculation and curiosity. Fans and netizens wondered about the dynamics of Key and Taeyeon’s relationship. Was it truly possible for two major K-Pop stars to be so comfortably close without any romantic undertones?

Key, ever the open-hearted idol, addressed the comment in a recent video for 1theK Originals. With his signature blend of humor and sincerity, he clarified that just because he said he could do it doesn’t mean he actually wants to.

She probably won’t want to see me either. I’m not really curious about her either. We don’t feel that way about each other at all.

— SHINee’s Key

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Key’s comment brings a refreshing perspective to the table. In an industry where every interaction between male and female idols is hyper-analyzed for romantic implications, his statement is a testimony to the fact that deep, meaningful friendships can exist without any romantic subtext.

| 1theK Originals/YouTube

While Key’s “half-body bath” comment about Taeyeon initially raised eyebrows and elicited laughter, it eventually brought forth a heartwarming message. The strength of their friendship, devoid of any romantic undertones, is a beautiful testament to the multifaceted nature of human connections. Fans can only hope that this bond continues to flourish, providing a shining example for all to admire.

Source: 1theK Originals


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