Why SHINee Key’s “BAD LOVE” Is So Different From “Face,” According To Key

“I finally became ‘me.'”

SHINee‘s Key recently released his mini album, BAD LOVE, and we can’t get enough of it! The album’s concept, the songs, and every single detail seems totally perfect for Key.

SHINee’s Key | @bumkeyk/Instagram

Key recently explained why this mini album seems so authentically him in an interview with NME. As it turns out, Key has had the idea for “BAD LOVE” for 14 years, which means he thought of the idea even before his debut as a SHINee member.

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Through BAD LOVE‘s retro-space concept, Key was able to reminisce on some of his favorite childhood memories and pay homage to ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s pop culture and fashion.

“I still miss that generation when I got new figures from Star Wars and Star Trek, or just got a figurine from a supermarket store. That was really cool. I wanted to recreate those elements that I kind of reminisce about. With the outfits, particularly the fashion, I wanted to bring that generation’s rockstar vibes to mine.”


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Since Key came up with the idea for the concept of BAD LOVE entirely on his own, the album feels like it’s a true representation of him. He said, “I finally became ‘me’. I have a chance to show the audience that this is me. This album is the album-version of Key.”

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Although Key was involved in making choices for his previous solo album, Face, he made decisions based on the choices that were presented to him. This time, he made the choices entirely on his own and came up with his own concept. He said, “During my first solo album, Face, I was involved in making choices, but those choices were laid out for me. But this time, from the beginning, I was able to say what I wanted to do, what I wanted to create, and what my vision was.”

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We’re so glad Key got to make the album he’s been dreaming of for years, and we love seeing him put his creativity to work so masterfully!


Source: NME