SHINee’s Key Made The Cutest Promise To BoA Set To Happen 30+ Years Later

What else did SHINee Key promise to BoA about their friendship?

In the last round of episodes on Keyword#BoA, SHINee‘s Key and BoA shared deep conversations about their past, present, and the future.

Key and BoA went on a goodbye trip to Jeju Island in wrapping up their reality show. The two talked over some sushi and drinks on one of the last few nights on the show together.


BoA asked Key if he will continue to be her fan when she becomes old. To this, Key answered, “Of course!”

Key used to be a member of BoA’s fan club.


Then he made the cutest promise to buy BoA a Hermes bag, when he becomes richer than she is. He suspects it’ll be when he’s an old grandfather!

BoA laughs at Key’s promise, because that means she still has at least 30 years to wait!


Then Key jokes that BoA might not be alive when he makes more money than she does!

The two are five years apart. BoA made sure Key knew this!


Fans know Key and BoA have been best friends for a long time. The two looked back at how their relationship began.


The two didn’t know each other well in the beginning, but have gotten so close over the years!

BoA, in turn, promised Key that he is like a brother to her and that she’ll always confide in him.


To that, Key revealed that he’s confident he’ll be a great decision maker for her. BoA also promised to be there for Key when he can’t decide for himself.


At the end of the show, BoA thanked Key, “I will always support you, not from a distance but right by your side. Thank you.” 

The two have built such a beautiful friendship that will keep each other strong for years!

Source: Insight