SHINee’s Key And BTOB’s Changsub Open Up About The Reason For Their Close Friendship

Fans are loving this friendship between the two!

SHINee‘s Key and BTOB‘s Changsub revealed how they became close friends!

On the latest episode of SubOhBar Season 2, Key and Changsub appeared as guests, where they enjoyed a nice glass of wine while answering questions in their characteristic hilarious style!

One of the questions asked to them was,

So, how did you guys become friends?

—Jo Sub

Changsub and Key revealed that they first met at a drinking session 10 years ago!

Changsub: We met at a drinking session

Key: Like, way before we left for the military. It’s been almost 10 years.


Changsub then further talked about how even though the two didn’t meet up often because of their busy schedules, Key would still hilariously drunk-text him late at night!

I mean, we were busy too, but he’d text me late at night. Like you can totally tell he’s drunk as hell.


Key then revealed that even though they weren’t very close prior to serving in the military, they become much closer after finishing their service together!

Yeah, so we weren’t that close when we joined the military. I found out he was stationed there when I was in bootcamp. You know how you get really excited when you meet someone you know when you hit the fleet? That was Changsub. We got even closer to each other because we’ve been through hell together.


As Key and Changsub joined the military around the same time, and also served in the military band together, fans are loving how the two have become such close friends!

Watch the whole thing here, from the 4:16 mark onwards!