SHINee’s Key Has Carried Around This Fan’s Gift For The Past Ten Years

He has other ones, but this is still his favorite!

SHINee‘s Key has received innumerable gifts from fans throughout his career, as well as items from designer brands and large companies. But this one gift from a SHAWOL from a decade ago is still one of his favorite items!

SHINee’s Key. | VOGUE KOREA/YouTube 

In a video with VOGUE KOREA, Key showed fans what he carries around in his fancy Hermès bag. He had everything from snacks to accessories. But one particular item even caught the staff members’ eyes: a Spongebob glasses case!


Key wanted to show off his luxury items first, but couldn’t say no to showing his Spongebob item. He revealed that a fan gave it to him and since the writing on the inside says 2011, it was likely gifted back then!

I think a fan of mine gave it to me; it says ‘2011’ here. It’s from 10 years ago. I didn’t throw it away even when I moved. It’s the lightest and the strongest and it won’t break. I have other designs but I like this one the most.

— Key


To prove that it’s unbreakable, he hit it against the table!


A staff member pointed out that the nose on the glasses case looked a bit squished, to which Key said, “It used to look better in the past.” He’s obviously used this fan’s gift a ton ever since receiving it!


Check out the video below to see more of what’s in Key’s bag!