SHINee’s Key Celebrated Taemin’s Birthday With A New Selfie Together, And Well… Key’s Done It Again

It instantly became a fan favorite!

If you didn’t know, the whole world is celebrating a special birthday that belongs to none other than the legend himself, Taemin of SHINee and SuperM!

Fellow SHINee member, Key, took to Instagram to celebrate Taemin’s birthday… and he chose the “best” selfie to share with the world!

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happy b day to my boy 🤴

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Key and Taemin did a face swap and… Where the heck did Taemin go?! 🤣

Just in case you need a break from the shocking photo, these two Kings usually look like this!

But SHINee Worlds aren’t complaining! These two are always trying to one up each other on their goofiness!

But what else would you expect from this goofy, lovable King?!

Here’s to many many many more years of these adorkable brothers!