SHINee’s Key Cheered And Comforted His Younger Self, And He Knew Just The Words To Say

He had wise words for his younger, teenage self!

SHINee‘s Key has a favorite song on his new album, and he shared the touching reason why it’s so important to him!

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Key recently made a comeback with his album and title track “Bad Love”, and in a recent interview, talked about his song, artistry, and more!

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From all the amazing songs in his album, Key revealed that he had one song that was incredibly special to him, and shared that “Eighteen (End Of My World)” is a song he’d want to dedicate to his younger self.

[‘Eighteen’] is what I want to say to 18-year-old Key. Something like: ‘You go boy, you can do whatever you want. You’re going to fail sometimes, but don’t get hurt from that. You’ll be Key. So don’t worry’.


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Through the song, Key reminisced about his high school days, and wrote the song as a means to comfort and cheer for his young self.

The song is really bright, but when I was writing the lyrics, it wasn’t really [pleasurable], you know what I mean? I keep thinking about when I was really young, so I was kind of sad, very sentimental.

I worked really hard in high school, so I wanted to cheer [that Key] up.


All throughout his hardships during his younger days, he never gave up, and is killing it now! You can listen to “Eighteen (End Of My World)” here:

And don’t forget to check out his MV for “Bad Love” here!

Source: NME