SHINee’s Key Comforts Fans In The Best Way Possible After Testing Positive For COVID-19

Get well soon, Key!

SHINee‘s Key is not letting COVID-19 keep him down!

SHINee’s Key | @bumkeyk/Instagram

SHINee’s Key recently tested positive for COVID-19 on a self-diagnosis kit, and he immediately had a PCR test done to confirm that he had the virus.

| @amazingsat_official/Instagram

Understandably, Shawols were saddened to hear that Key had tested positive for COVID-19, and they were worried about him. He reassured fans that he was okay via Bubble messages, and he even told fans that he tested positive before the articles about his condition were released.

Later, Key posted Instagram story updates from quarantine. First, he posted a video of himself being carried by Spiderman. The text on the video said “quarantine life.” 

| @bumkeyk/Instagram

Next, he posted a video of himself using a disinfectant sprayer. The text on the video said, “get away virus.”

| @bumkeyk/Instagram

Shawols loved that Key still found a way to entertain them while he was in quarantine, and they took his hilarious posts as a sign that his recovery was going well. Some fans also compared his disinfectant sprayer to his “BAD LOVE” gun!

Get well soon, Key!


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