Key Confirms That All Of SHINee’s Members Have Renewed Their Contracts… For The Third Time

“Even if we leave, we’ll leave together.”

There aren’t too many K-Pop groups that get to their 15th year together and still have all of their members, let alone still have all of them under the same label. And yet SHINee has beat the odds, having already renewed their contracts twice with SM Entertainment as a full group.

SHINee | SM Entertainment

This year marked the 15th anniversary since SHINee debuted in May 2008, and they’re still going strong in terms of musical releases both as a group and as soloists. Though SM Entertainment is often criticized for how they manage many of their artists, fans are generally happy with the amount of content that SHINee is able to put out as more “senior” artists.

| SM Entertainment

And it seems like that isn’t going to change anytime soon! In a recent interview, Key was asked if the group had renewed their contracts with SM Entertainment for a third time. He confirmed that they had, and made fans emotional by adding, “Even if we leave, we’ll leave together.”

Key (SHINee)

The clip is gaining a lot of attention online from happy fans who are overjoyed, but not surprised, that SHINee’s members intend to stay together no matter what.

Here are just a few of the numerous emotional responses on social media!

We’re excited to see what the future has in store for this next chapter in SHINee’s career, and for each of the members’ own paths!