SHINee’s Key Dances To “Next Level” With aespa’s Karina And Winter, And He’s The Most Successful MY Ever

Meet aespa’s 5th member, Keyrina!

SHINee‘s Key has proven himself to be a huge fan of aespa‘s “Next Level” time and time again, and he finally got to dance to the song with two aespa members, Karina and Winter!

SHINee’s Key | @amazingsat_official/Instagram

Key is a cast member on the variety show Amazing Saturday, and he previously did a dance cover of “Next Level” on the show with Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon. As it turns out, their cover is Karina’s all-time favorite cover of the song!

| kpop_update/YouTube

He also danced to “Next Level” with Jessi when he appeared on her show, Showterview.

| Kpop Archive/YouTube

On the latest episode of Amazing Saturday, Key truly reached the “Next Level” by dancing to the hit song with Karina and Winter!

| Amazing Saturday/YouTube

He, Karina, and Winter were totally in sync. Key even had the perfect facial expressions and fully expressed the song’s vibe.

He ate this performance up!

Shawols and MYs alike loved seeing Key, Karina, and Winter dance to “Next Level” together and talked about the dance on Twitter.

Watch Key, Karina, and Winter dance to “Next Level” below!