SHINee Key’s Hilarious Reaction To Forgetting He’s The Comeback Stage Ending Fairy Will Crack You Up

He’s way too funny 🤣

Today, SHINee joined the M Countdown lineup with their “Don’t Call Me” comeback stage performances—but when Key forgot his role as the ending fairy, hilarity ensued.

This month, SHINee made a comeback with “Don’t Call Me”—their first single since they released The Story of Light: Epilogue in September 2018.

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Alongside the title track, the K-Pop superstars are also performing B-side “Heart Attack” on music shows. That means double the talent, double the visuals, and double the ending fairy moments.

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Each performance blessed viewers with two ending fairies. At the end of “Don’t’ Call Me”, Onew was the first member to show off his handsome beret visuals and piercing gaze.

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Finally, Taemin ended the performance with his own gorgeous ending shot, looking so deep into the camera you could swear he’s in the room with you.

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However, when it came to the group’s “Heart Attack” performance, one member completely forgot his job as ending fairy: lead dancer and lead rapper Key. Minho was the member set to close off the performance, showing off his new fiery red locks.

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But before that, it was Key’s turn—and it seems like he didn’t get the memo. When the camera first focused on Key, he looked right into the lens with a blank expression.

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Luckily, a split second later, he remembered it was his turn to be the ending fairy. However, instead of simply giving the camera a handsome gaze, Key had a different idea… pretending he was out of breath!

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The hilarious star quickly began fake panting, emulating the way many idols breathe heavily when their performances tire them out. Some of the most-loved ending fairies around are known for their heavy breathing, from Red Velvet‘s Irene

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… to TXT‘s Yeonjun.

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With almost 13 years in the industry, it’s no surprise Key can get through multiple takes of a music show performance without breaking a sweat or losing his breath. Of course, given how high-spirited it is, it’s also no surprise that he’d take this opportunity to make everyone laugh.


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And, either way, he’s still one of the most handsome ending fairies around!