SHINee’s Key Calls Out Fan For “Cheating On” Him With NCT’s Jaehyun

He knows all about her bias wrecking behavior.

Attention, Shawols! If you added a new bias to your list while SHINee‘s Key was in the military, you’d better hide the evidence ASAP.

| Weekly Idol/Tumblr

At the stroke of midnight on October 7, Key’s enlistment officially ended and Shawols celebrated his return. Now, Key is checking in with fans on Instagram to see what they’ve been up to.

Unfortunately for one Shawol, Key called her out for being a multi-stan. During Key’s absence, NCT‘s Jaehyun found his way into her heart.

How did Key find out? Her Instagram name clued him in. “So, anyway,” he said. “your ID looked like you’re into NCT’s Jaehyun. What happened?

The fan was struck speechless, and rightly so! “I mean, you said you loved me,” he continued. “but you’re into the other guy. It means you’re cheating on me.”

Oh, snap. Busted! The two-timer’s friend was of no help, of course. “Ohhh, you’re cheating on him!” she teased.

After watching his/Jaehyun’s fan squirm for a bit, Key broke out in a huge smile and let her off the hook.

Lesson learned…right?