SHINee’s Key Reveals The Female Idol He’d Take With Him To A Deserted Island

They are apparently very close friends.

On December 3, SHINee’s Key appeared on the radio program, Moon Hee Jun’s Music Show, and revealed who he would take to a deserted island.


When the host, Moon Hee Jun, asked who Key’s closest celebrity friend is and who he would take to a deserted island if he had to, Key replied that it was Soyou.

“I don’t know if it’s answering your question but it’s Soyou.”

ㅡ Key


He further explained that they understood each other very well and that he admires her for focusing on both variety programs and her albums.

“We understand each other verㅛ well. She focuses on both variety programs and her albums, and is an amazing friend.”

ㅡ Key


Meanwhile, Key has been busily promoting his solo song, “One of Those Nights”. In regards to his solo promotions, Moon Hee Jun asked whether or not he was exhausted from working alone. Surprisingly, Key immediately stated that he was actually getting better rest than when he is with the other SHINee members.

“Not at all. I sleep very well in the car. I’m not saying that I can’t sleep because my members are noisy, but I can’t sleep very well when there are people around. But these days, since I’m in the car alone, I fall asleep instantly.”

ㅡ Key


He did, however, admit that he felt a difference in his body compared to when he was younger and confessed that he was in pain throughout his body.

“I’m 28 (in Korean age) this year. Back then, I could sing 5 songs on stage and I was fine but now, it’s a little difficult. My hips and ankles are in pain.”

ㅡ Key


Thankfully, it didn’t seem to be anything too serious as he made a joke about Taemin sending him some traditional herbal medicine.

“Just recently, Taemin sent me a Kakaotalk message saying, ‘Hyung, you’re having a hard time, aren’t you?’ and sent me some Gongjindang (traditional herbal medicine).”

ㅡ Key


Check out Key’s “One of Those Nights” music video below:

Source: Osen