SHINee’s Key Flexes His $8,000+ Hermès Bag — Then Admits He Sometimes Prefers Paper Bags Instead

The two extremes of fashion vs. practicality!

SHINee‘s Key is a long-time fan of the luxury brand Hermès, but even he enjoys using something as simple as a paper bag sometimes!

SHINee’s Key. | VOGUE KOREA/YouTube 

In a video with VOGUE KOREA, Key did the popular video trend, “What’s in my bag?” He showed fans some of the things he carries around, from snacks to a fan’s gift, but first he had to show off his bag!


He’s posted photos with Hermès bags numerous times on Instagram, showing that he’s not one to let his designer items sit in his house — even their Birkin bags, which retail for $40,000–$500,000!

When the staff asked if he could explain a bit about his bag, all Key had to do was show off the signature lock on the handle!


They also asked Key what kind of bags he likes, but his answer was simple: Hermès! However, he went into more detail and said that these days, he likes carrying around smaller bag.


But then Key revealed that sometimes he just carries around a paper bag!

If I’m too tired, I just carry around a paper bag. Since I’m just going to practice anyway!

— Key


Even though Key has multiple designer items, he hasn’t lost that practical and efficient side to him! Check out the full video below to see more of what’s in Key’s bag.