SHINee’s Key Gives Former NCT’s Lucas A Shoutout At His Solo Concert

This is his first public appearance since his scandal.

SHINee‘s Key recently held his solo concert, 2024 Keyland: On: and On. The concert was held over two days, on January 27 and 28, 2024. It was also broadcast online, via live stream. His close friends and family came to support the star.

Longtime bestie, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, was there in full support. The camera panned over to a happy and unmasked Taeyeon, who responded to Key’s shoutout.

What shocked fans even more, was the person next to Taeyeon! Former NCT and WayV member Lucas was seated next to Taeyeon. Key made sure to give a shoutout to Lucas as well.

Where is he? Cas-yah. There he is! Hi. Thank you for coming. He’s sitting with my family, and with Kim Wook.

— Key

Lucas was sitting between two of the people closest to Key — Taeyeon, and Kim Wook, also known as Punky Spider. He has been SHINee and Key’s stylist for the bulk of his career. Fans are heartened to see the interaction and friendship between the two. This is Lucas’s first public appearance since his previous controversy.

You can read more about Lucas’ departure from NCT and WayV below.

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