SHINee’s Key Went Savage On Taemin’s Instagram And Fans Are Cracking Up About It


SHINee‘s Taemin blessed his Instagram followers with three brand new pictures, but his fellow social-media-savvy teammate Key wasn’t happy with the uploads. Key left behind some snappy hashtags, teaching Taemin a thing or two about how to do Instagram right, and fans are now cracking up at this relatable-AF relationship!


Under Taemin’s latest posts, Key communicated his discontent in a series of savage hashtags. In the first picture, while Taemin is gleaming with his mysterious vibe at a photoshoot, Key didn’t care how Taemin looked – but instead, he called out Taemin for not following anyone back.

#Like4Like #Follow4Follow #PleaseUploadMoreDailyPics #0FollowingIsNotSoCoolAnymore #ItMeansNothing #SoFollowMeBack #IGiveYou5Seconds

— Key


Soon after the hashtags went live in the comment section, Taemin followed Key – bumping up his “0 Following” to “1 Following” after years on Instagram.


Key continued to playfully pick on Taemin’s posts, as brothers do. Here’s Key dishing on Taemin’s selfie skills, asking if he couldn’t do any better:

#Shadowy #IsThisTheBest?

— Key


Under another picture, which Key did not find much attractive either, Taemin finally responded and admitted that he wasn’t sure of what he was doing. Fans can’t help but UWU at how soft Taemin is, all the while laughing their heads off at Key the Savage Tiger!

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#Blackhair #TAEMIN #Summer #Mustache

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Key: #Selfie #IsThisTheBestYouCanDo? #Like4Like #WhyNoFilter?
— Taemin: @bumkeyk I don’t understand how to use this ㅋㅋㅋ
Key: #IsThisYourBest? #Delete #UseAFilterDamnIt


SHINee fans are now flooding over to Key’s Instagram, hoping he could teach Taemin a thing or two about how to be as fabulous as he is on social media. Especially because Key is still enlisted to serve his military duty, fans are madly in love with this long-missed Taemin and Key interaction.

Here is Key’s spot-on IG aesthetics for your cross referencing: