SHINee’s Key Tried Imitating Lee Young Ji, But He Couldn’t Copy Her Perfectly For This One Hilarious Reason

He’s a perfect match as long as you don’t look into the details.

SHINee‘s Key was the ninth guest for Lee Young Ji‘s My Alcohol Diary series, and his appearance started with a bang as he imitated Young Ji to a T. With Key’s impeccable variety skills, their interactions were chaotic even before she opened the door to let him in.

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Of course, Young Ji couldn’t lose to him, so she immediately whipped out her signature pair of sunglasses and ski mask. Armed with her usual look, Young Ji confidently opened the door to welcome Key in.

But as soon as she saw him, Young Ji couldn’t help but back off and marvel at how closely Key resembled her, even capturing her attitude and random dance moves.

However, Key couldn’t imitate Young Ji completely, thanks to his scarf being from Chanel. Not only is it a luxury brand, which Young Ji doesn’t typically wear, but she doesn’t use a scarf to tie around her head but rather a pair of pants.

Key proudly declared that this was as far as he could go in imitating Young Ji. He couldn’t bring himself to give up luxury clothing, and that’s okay. He still managed to be 90% like her.

He even gave up going to the shop to do his makeup since Young Ji is usually barefaced for her videos.

Still, he couldn’t go without anything on his face and ended up settling for sunscreen and foundation. Maybe he was only 80% like Young Ji.

Young Ji later showed Key how to wear the scarf properly. While he left a little gap, causing the scarf to obscure his vision, Young Ji demonstrated how she tied her scarf (well, pants) around her head to the point of choking.

To recover his lost 20%, Key wore the scarf and sunglasses again, this time making sure the knot was right against his chin. However, he failed to completely imitate Young Ji once again, all because his sunglasses were from Gentle Monster.

In recognition of Key’s efforts, let’s say that Key is the luxury version of Lee Young Ji.