SHINee’s Key Reveals How He Lost Over 20 Pounds

He eliminated _____ from his diet.

On December 5, SHINee’s Key appeared as a guest on Song Euni, Kim Sook’s Sisters Radio and revealed the secret to how he lost 10 kg (22 lbs).


One of the radio listener’s sent a message asking Key how he lost weight, stating that the SHINee members often wore tight clothes.

“During SHINee’s promotions, [the members] often wore tight clothing. I’m curious how you lost weight.”

ㅡ Radio listener


Key began by stating that his diet was not easy.

“My diets are considerably difficult.”

ㅡ Key


He explained that he gained weight very easily and that he lost weight during his promotions with SHINee because he was upset about not being able to fit into the clothes.

“I tend to gain weight very easily. I went on a diet during our SHINee promotions because I was upset. When the clothes didn’t fit, our stylist would tell me, ‘It can’t be helped. You should wear one size larger.’ That was very inconvenient so I lost weight.”

ㅡ Key


Previously, Key mentioned on an episode of Radio Star that the greatest way to lose weight was not to eat anything at all.

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This, however, is not only incredibly unhealthy but would have most likely resulted in a greater weight gain eventually! In fact, Key revealed that the secret to his weight loss was not eating any refined carbohydrates.

“I didn’t eat any refined carbohydrates for 1 year. I didn’t even go near bread or rice. Once I did that, I began to lose weight.”

ㅡ Key


Moreover, he shocked the hosts by mentioning that he has been maintaining his weight since losing the 10 kg for 3 years now!

“After losing 10 kg, I’ve been maintaining my weight for 3 years.”

ㅡ Key


Source: Newsen