SHINee’s Key Just Found Out Their Song Once Appeared On “Lucifer,” And Here Was His Reaction

It only took three years!

Back in 2018, K-Pop fans were shocked after noticing that the SHINee‘s 2010 track “Lucifer” was featured on the Fox television show Lucifer. In season three of the series, Lucifer introduces himself to some villains and, while the fighting scene is going on, the aptly named track “Lucifer” played in the background.

During the new Netflix series Quiz Alarm, the members of SHINee had to answer a series of questions to get some special prizes. One of the first questions was which television series had not appeared on Netflix. These shows included SherlockBoy Meets Girl, Feel Good, and Lucifer.

Although the members got it right through a process of elimination, it was the comments that came after that caught the attention of fans. When the group had picked the answer, Minho reminded everyone that their song “Lucifer” had actually been played in the show.

Yet, while Onew seemed excited to watch the clip again, Key had one of the funniest reactions as he didn’t actually know that this happened!

Even after Minho confirmed that it was their song, Key still had to double-check that he wasn’t being pranked because he seemed to find it difficult to believe!

When the show aired, fans went on to social media and couldn’t believe that Key didn’t know that their song made it onto a television series that is popular worldwide.

You can watch the whole episode below!

Source: Netflix Korea and FI