SHINee’s Key And Minho Heading Off To The Military

They’re preparing to say goodbye for the time being.

SHINee‘s Key and Minho are reportedly preparing to enlist in the military within the first half of this year.


According to sources, both Key and Minho will soon be enlisting in the army following Onew, who enlisted in December 2018. Key is planning to enlist in March after his debut film, Hit-and-Run Squad and Minho, who has recently finished the filming for the film The Battle of Jangsari 9.15, is preparing to enlist within the first half of this year.


Key has allegedly applied for the military band and is currently awaiting results, which will be announced on January 25. If he is accepted, he will enlist in March.

Key and Minho are preparing for their enlistment. Key, who applied for the military band, is awaiting the final announcement on the 25th and according to the results, he will enlist in March. Minho is preparing to enlist in the first half of this year. It looks like both Minho and Key will enlist around the same time.

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Meanwhile, multiple persons related to the film industry have expressed their regrets on the news of Key and Minho’s enlistment.

Key and Minho are blue chip actors who have recently been the center of attention in Chungmuro. The two people, who are rising idol-actors that will lead Chungmuro, are receiving much attention in the film industry and are receiving propositions for important works. They are unfortunately declining propositions due to their military enlistment.

ㅡ Film industry worker

Key and Minho are idol-actors whose acting skills have been recognized through numerous works. Although we may not be able to see their activities for awhile, I believe they’ll be able to live up to their potential after they are discharged.

ㅡ Film industry worker 


Meanwhile, Key will present himself in a film for the first time through the upcoming Hit-and-Run Squad, which will be premiered on January 30. Key has taken on the role of a driver named Dong Soo.

Minho will also be featured in the upcoming film The Battle of Jangsari 9.15, as one of the 772 student soldiers who were sent in to win the Incheon Landing Operation alongside Hollywood star Megan Fox, Kim Myung Min and more.

Source: Sports Chosun