SHINee’s Key Performed The Group’s Beloved B-Side “Body Rhythm,” And Shawols Are Shook

How are we feeling, “Body Rhythm” enthusiasts?

“Body Rhythm” enthusiasts rejoice! SHINee‘s Key performed this hit B-side, and we couldn’t be more excited!

SHINee’s Key | @5hineeingstars/Twitter

Key recently held a solo concert, Beyond LIVE- KEY : GROKS IN THE KEYLAND, and he slayed as usual!

| @Forever_SHINee/Twitter

He performed songs from his recently released mini album, BAD LOVE, as well as some of his older solo songs.

| @LunaCirrus/Twitter

Key also performed SHINee’s song “Body Rhythm,” from the Don’t Call Me album, which was released earlier this year.

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“Body Rhythm” quickly became a fan favorite after Don’t Call Me was released, and Shawols have been hoping for a performance of the song ever since. Luckily, Key seemed to have noticed how badly Shawols want to see this song live, and he added “Body Rhythm” to his setlist!

| @minzu525/Twitter

While Shawols would have been happy to see Key just sing “Body Rhythm” live even if he stood totally still, he over delivered by adding choreography to the song!

Seeing Key slay his “Body Rhythm” performance was definitely a highlight of the concert for Shawols, and many of them took to Twitter to share their excitement.

Key definitely nailed this performance! We hope to see the other members join him for a “Body Rhythm” performance one day, too!