SHINee’s Key Confesses He’s Scared Of Phone Calls Because Of This Tragic Reason

He gets scared every time someone calls him.

SHINee’s Key appeared on Problem Child In House, where he talked about his unique phobia.


Key gets scared whenever he gets a phone call because he’s had instances where he received terrible news. After those instances piled up, his body began exhibiting fear symptoms whenever his phone rang.

“I’m not sure if I should consider it a phobia, but my heart races every time I get a phone call. Aside from calls from my mom and dad, I hate getting phone calls.

I had instances where I’d picked up a call and it was about bad news, and those instances piled up.”

— Key


He also mentioned another reason why he doesn’t like phone calls. He prefers text messages because he can think about the topic at hand before responding but with phone calls, you tend to have less time to think and become responsible for what you say.

“When you text, you can think before responding. But when it’s a call, you have to take responsibility for things you say.”

— Key


Thankfully, Key won’t be receiving too many calls these days as he’ll be extremely busy fulfilling his military enlistment.


Even so, Key will hopefully only receive happy news from now on so that he will no longer be afraid to pick up the phone!

Source: KBS Media