SHINee’s Key Is Being Positively Praised For Looking Like A “Crazy F*cker” In “HARD” Performances

“He is such a true ace it’s crazy.”

SHINee is in the middle of promoting their latest album, HARD, which was released on June 26. The legendary second-generation K-Pop group has been putting on some phenomenal performances (though Onew is definitely missed due to his hiatus to take care of his health), reminding fans why they’re such a huge force in the industry!

Recently, they released a performance video for “HARD” on the Studio Choom channel, and the three active members of the group showed the kind of charisma and energy that one would expect in a rookie group, not one that has been around for 15 years.

KeyMinho, and Taemin all bring their own personality and flair to the performance, but the one among them that has been the subject of a post on an online forum due to his stage presence is Key.

Key (SHINee) | SM Entertainment

He’s been described as looking like a “crazy f*cker” in the most flattering way possible, because of how intense and believable his wild expressions are when he performs.

The way he uses his eyes is particularly impressive, and fans are loving how his makeup also extenuates the crazed aura that he gives off during the Studio Choom video.

Key has always been an ace in the K-Pop industry, and he definitely deserves all the praise and attention that he’s getting now!

Korean netizens have nothing but positivity and compliments to give the talented K-Pop idol, which we certainly agree with.

| The Qoo
  • “He’s wearing makeup that gives him an extra crazy edge. I mean that in a good way.”
  • “How is he so good at this?!”
  • “Personally, I was impressed-AF by the second video. Haha. He’s good at what he does.”
  • “F*cking amazing.”
  • “You can see the crazy in his eyes. In a good way.”
  • “Sigh. I love you, Kim Kibum.”
  • “How does he even make those facial expressions?”
  • “I love that he actually goes hard for this.”
  • “His parts from the Studio Choom performance are exhilarating. LOL. His dance moves are clean. But his facial expressions are on another level. He’s crazy good.”

International K-Pop fans share similar sentiments!

We’re excited to see what other undoubtedly impressive performances SHINee gives us for the promotions for HARD!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa