SHINee’s Key Shares Sweet Words About Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon That Proves She’s The Sweetest Friend

They have always been friendship goals!

SHINEE‘s Key recently made a huge comeback with his mini-solo album “Bad Love” which is also the name of the album’s title track. To promote his new album, Key sat down at Noon Song of Hope with the show’s DJ Kim Shin Young.

During the radio show, the two discussed Key’s incredible friendship with Girls’ Generation‘s talented leader Taeyeon! Key mentioned how Taeyeon recently featured on his song “Hate that…” Key shared, “We filmed my music video together, and she even featured in the song with me.

“Hate that…” music video| SMTOWN/YouTube

Key then went on to say touching words about Taeyeon and how she’s always there for him. Key then mentioned how he wasn’t expecting Taeyeon to also film their song’s music video, however, she took on the job.

Whenever I offer something, she always agreed to work with me. When I ask for a favor and she says she’ll do it, I get surprised. I asked her to feature in the song, and I wasn’t even expecting her to star in the MV. She said she would.

— Key


Since Taeyeon is a homebody and often times introverted, Kim Shin Young commented on how Taeyeon has become more active lately.

Taeyeon changed into an active, and I’m so happy. She’s so kind, but I’m worried because she enjoys time alone

— Kim Shin Young

Key then revealed that he and Taeyeon are going to appear on a show together. Because she asked  Key rather than someone else, Key shared that he almost cried when he received her invitation.

This time, Taeyeon and I are going on the show together again. Taeyeon ask me first, so I almost cried.

— Key

Source: Herald Pop