SHINee’s Key Reacts To His Unexpected Cameo On A Morning News Segment

It wasn’t for what you’d think!

On April 15, SHINee‘s Key found himself on the morning news, but it wasn’t for the reasons you would expect!

| @bumkeyk/Instagram

During a broadcast of MBC‘s News Desk, a segment looked at the rising costs of green onions in spring. As the presenter was speaking about the issue, the screen cut to a clip of Key!

In the clip, Key is seen harvesting green onions in his garden and is from the time he appeared on MBC’s I Live Alone. For an international K-Pop idol, it is definitely a unique way to be shown on the news!

After spotting himself on the segment, Key took to Instagram to react to the bizarre appearance stating, “Is this for real?”

Fans seemed to find the funny side to the appearance commenting below the image with “You are famous!” and “YES HONEY YOU’RE ON NATIONAL TV.”

Source: @bumkeyk, FI - Instagram and Naver