SHINee Key’s Reason Why He Prefers His 30s Over His 20s Impresses Netizens

“When I see things like this, I get excited for my 30s.”

SHINee‘s Key recently shared his opinions about being in his 30s, which inspired and encouraged netizens.

Key | @bumkeyk/Instagram

On September 15, Key appeared as a guest on GOT7 member BamBam‘s YouTube talk show Bam’s House.

After admiring BamBam’s spacious house, Key sat with the host and talked about his recently released 2nd mini album, Good & Great.


The discussion flowed to how it has been 15 years since Key’s debut with SHINee. When asked what has changed in 15 years, Key said, “Everything is the same.”

Then BamBam asked if there was a difference between being in his 20s and 30s because he was afraid to enter his 30s.

Key (left) and BamBam (right) | Bam’s House/YouTube

BamBam: I’m afraid to enter my 30s.

Key: I used to be afraid, too.

Key, as the GOT7 singer’s senior, shared his wisdom on how his 30s are different but in a good way.

Being in your 30s is so much more fun! I’m afraid of the 40s, but 30s is so much fun… Everything you did in your 20s was embarrassing and your 30s is the only time you can fix it.

— Key

| Bam’s House/YouTube

According to Key, acting like one does in their 20s or 30s while in their 40s or 50s isn’t easily accepted by society. However, up to one’s 30s, it is okay to do so, making it the golden time to grow and fix one’s mistakes from one’s 20s through the trials and errors of living life.

I’m in the process of correcting all the mistakes I made in my 20s.

— Key

When asked what kind of mistakes he was referring to, Key said it was mistakes related to music or broadcasts, as well as mistakes believing that he was always right.

The moment I turned 30, I saw that there were more things I was wrong about than I thought. But I have a chance to fix them.

— Key

Bam’s House/YouTube

This moment from Key’s interview went viral as many netizens in their 30s or above agreed and netizens in their 20s hoped they feel the same way in the future. Many of them admired Key’s positive mindset and wisdom.

  • “When I hear things like this, I get so so encouraged. I hope I’m like that in my 30s!”
  • “I’m doing this right now lol I totally get it.”
  • “I’m also like my 30s more lol I’m more relaxed.”
  • “I’m still in my 30s making mistakes, but I like it because I’m more relaxed than in my 20s.”
  • “I do miss my 20s, but I’m more mentally stable and better in my 30s.”
  • “I was scared of my 30s approaching but after hearing Key say this, I was comforted by his wordsㅠㅠ”
  • “My 20s were fun and my 30s are fun. It’s a different type of fun lol.”
  • “I like my 30s, too. I like it because I’m at the age where I make money. My 10s to 20s were so difficultㅠㅠ”
  • “I’m somewhat envious. I’m going to try hard to be free in my 30s.”
  • “Really..? I hope I’m like that.”
  • “When I see things like this, I get excited for my 30s.”
  • “I’m in my mid-20s but I’m still lacking, so when I’m in my 30s, I hope to become an easygoing person.”
  • “I’m in my 40s, but my 30s were amazing. Everybody, make sure to exercise in advance. I lost my physical strength and can’t keep up with my motivation.”
  • “So cool.”
  • “It’s a relief many people in their 30s say this and it makes me excited.”
  • “He’s so mature. I want to learn from him.”
  • “So cool.. I hope my 30s is like that too.”
  • “I want my 30s to be like that. These days, when I see Key on ‘I Live Alone’ or in interviews, he’s so cool because he seems like such a stable person.”
  • “I’m not in my 30s yet but in a similar reason, my 20s are better than my 10s. I’m fixing and reflecting on the mistakes I made as a youngin in my 10s…”
  • “What wise wordsㅠ”
  • “I’m sad to get older, but my 30s are for sure better.”
  • “I want to become like that, too.”

What are your opinions on Key’s statement?


Source: Bam's House/YouTube and theqoo