SHINee’s Key Secretly Infiltrates A Shawol Chat Room And Sees Firsthand Just How Much Fans Love Him

This is so wholesome 🥺

SHINee‘s Key infiltrated a chat room for fans and got to see firsthand how his fans talk about him!

SHINee’s Key | @amazingsat_official/Instagram

Pixid recently put out a YouTube video called “Find a fake fan of SHINee Key in a chat room,” and the video had an interesting twist. Instead of putting a fake fan of Key in the chat room, they put Key himself in the chat room!

| Pixid/YouTube

The fans, of course, didn’t know that Key himself was talking to them, and they were just excited to gush about him with other fans. They talked about how handsome and talented he is, and they excitedly shared fandom inside jokes with each other. The fans even brought their Key photocards with them to show just how much they love him. They also talked about wishing they could just talk in person instead of texting with dividers between them.

The fans had to guess which chat room member was the “muggle” (non-fan) at the end of each round of chatting about Key. In the second round, they had to talk about things that only fans would know about Key, and everyone proved their Key knowledge. The fans knew so much about Key and his habits that one of them jokingly asked if Key was in the chat room.

During the second round, the fans started to suspect Key as the muggle, as well as a newer Shawol. Still, they had no idea that Key was there with them.

In the third round, the Shawols discussed when they’re proudest to be a Key fan, and Key got to hear just how much he means to them. The fans talked about how Key’s music helps them through tough times, how he inspires them to be better people, and how listening to his music and watching his videos helps them destress.

Key was deeply moved by his fans’ words. He said, “When I read things like that, I’m always so grateful. They cheer for me so much without asking for anything in return. I feel like I need to do better, and I become more confident and courageous.” 

At the end of the game, the dividers were removed and the Shawols freaked out once they realized Key was with them!

The fans got to watch the “BAD LOVE” music video with Key, and they went home with SHINee merch, too.

We’re glad Key got to interact with fans in person after a long time, and we’re sure he was happy to hear just how much his fans love him!

Check out the full video below.