SHINee’s Key Always Wanted To Become A Singer, But Ended Up Majoring In Waterskiing Instead

Key did end up becoming a singer, but he was incredible at waterskiing as well!

SHINee Key‘s casting story is a famous one, and he’s spoken multiple times of his many failed attempts to get into SM Entertainment as a trainee! But he recently revealed that while his original dream was to always become a singer, he ended up majoring in waterskiing while waiting to audition for the agency!

Key | @bumkeyk/Instagram

Key recently appeared on Jessi’s Showterview, where he talked about his latest comeback, bond with Jessi, and more, and also spoke about his dreams when he was younger!

Longtime fans of SHINee know that Key used to major in waterskiing, even placing first nationally in the sport for 2 consecutive years!

Key during his waterskiing days

In one of the segments of the show, SBS announcer and fellow host Choi Jung Shik asked Key about the time he majored in water skiing, and how it aligned with his dreams to be a singer. Key then revealed that he always wanted to be a singer, and the waterskiing was just for fun!

My dream was to become a singer, and I started skiing just for fun. The coach suggested I major in waterskiing so I was in a team for a while. Back then, few students were doing it.


He then spoke up about how he would go to auditions while continuing waterskiing, and eventually made it to SM Entertainment as a trainee, and then debuted as a member of SHINee in 2008!

Key is set to make his comeback in September, and released a pre-release single titled “Hate That…” featuring Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon!

Watch the MV for it here!

Source: Youtube