SHINee’s Key And Taemin’s Allegedly Colorist Comments About Minho’s Skin Color Have Fans Disappointed

This is not the first time this has happened.

SHINee‘s Key and Taemin recently came under fire for making colorist comments on Minho‘s skin tone.

SHINee’s Key and Taemin | @bumkeyk/Instagram

In the latest episode, Key and Taemin comment on how Minho’s skin tone becomes darker after outdoor activities. Many fans found these comments to have negative implications about Minho’s skin tone.

SHINee’s Minho

While discussing potentially making golfing content, Taemin suddenly says that after playing golf, all he can see of Minho are his eyes and teeth. This comment implies that Minho has become “too dark” for anything to be seen of his body.

After laughing, Key asks Minho, “why did you get so tanned,” and says something similar to what Taemin previously said.

Fans were surprised by the two other members’ comments coming out of the blue and expressed their disappointment over their words.

Fans also pointed out that this is not the first time comments about Minho’s skin tone have been made, and it should not be something that happens at their age.

While fans have taken steps to try to inform Key and Taemin that this was not right, beauty standards in Korea often praise pale skin. As pointed out, when NCT‘s Jisung commented about Haechan‘s skin, SM’s staff that worked on the video didn’t find issues with the video.

This shows how systematic the problem is, with people even risking their health to take injections to become lighter-skinned

Netizens Call Out NCT DREAM’s Jisung For Allegedly Making “Colorist” Remark About Haechan

Fans have shown appreciation for Minho’s skin tone online and love that he also loves it!

You can check out the episode below.