SHINee’s Key, VIXX’s N, And 2AM’s Jinwoon Officially Discharged From Military Service

Welcome back!

SHINee’s Key, VIXX’s N, and 2AM’s Jinwoon have all successfully completed their mandatory military service as of October 7 KST.

| @bumkeyk/Instagram

All three soldiers were discharged without returning to their base after their final leave in accordance with the military’s COVID-19 guidelines.

All three soldiers enlisted in March 2019 and took part in the military band.

Jinwoon was the last member of 2AM to enlist with N being the first member of VIXX. SHINee’s Onew was discharged earlier this year with Key being the second member of the group to go to the military.

N also updated his Instagram with a message thanking fans for their support during his time in the military.

I have returned! It can be seen as both a short and long time depending on how you look at it, but it was a time in which I learned and grew a lot. I will continue to support my juniors who are still carrying out their duties. I will become a Cha Hak Yeon who works even harder. Thank you for waiting and supporting me. Salute! Sergeant Cha Hak Yeon has officially been discharged on October 7. Salute!

⁠— N

On behalf of all the fans, great job and welcome back to all three of them!

Source: sports seoul