SHINee’s Managers May Have Just Spoiled Onew’s Solo Album Concept

Looks like Onew has a great concept planned for his solo album!

Shawols, it looks like the wait for SHINee Onew‘s second solo project is almost over!

SHINee’s Onew | @dlstmxkakwldrl/Instagram

SHINee’s managers opened their own Instagram account at the beginning of March, and they’ve been sharing lots of behind-the-scenes photos of the members.

The managers’ account has also given updates on Onew’s upcoming solo album. While Onew himself has sent fans a few updates on what he’s working on through Bubble messages, the managers’ Instagram account has allowed fans a glimpse into Onew’s recording process. On March 13, they uploaded photos of Onew in the recording studio.

| @shinee_atoz/Instagram

On March 18, the managers posted what appeared to be yet another update on Onew’s upcoming solo album. They uploaded a mysterious video of Onew’s silhouette followed by 3 cryptic photos of Onew’s hair, flowers, and a glob of a gooey substance. The post was captioned “spoiler alert!! 🤭🤫😏 #LateNight #Spoiler #Shawols #Won’tBeAbleToSleep.”

Of course, Shawols were extremely grateful for the spoilers, and the comeback hints only made them more excited for Onew’s album!

Some fans are even speculating that Onew’s comeback will be inspired by Wes Anderson‘s films.

We can’t wait for Onew’s album!