Taemin’s Goodbye To Minho Is Hitting SHINee Fans Right In The Feels

Minho enlisted in the Marine Corps, and Taemin was there to see him off.

SHINee’s Minho has officially enlisted in the military, and if that wasn’t enough to make Shawols cry, Taemin‘s farewell to him might be.


On April 15, Minho enlisted at the Marine Corps training center located in Pohang. Fans, friends, and family were all there to show their support and send him off warmly.


Minho is the third member to enlist, following Onew and Key, which means that SHINee’s maknae will be on his own for the time being


Each time Taemin’s members have entered the military, Taemin has been there to see them off. Minho is the last member he will say goodbye to before entering the military himself. Taemin cheerfully waved and said farewell to his hyung, while his friends and labelmates, Super Junior‘s KyuhyunEXO‘s Suho, and Changmin did the same.


Taemin’s love and dedication to his members has touched Shawol’s hearts…


…and fans can’t wait for the day when SHINee will be reunited again.


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