SHINee’s Minho Hosts First Live After Discharge From Military

Minho is back!… And still yelling at Key.

SHINee‘s Minho is finally back and has blessed us with a live broadcast! The broadcast was titled “MINHO: I’m Home”, both announcing his arrival and being a clever nod to his single back in March 2019.

So what exactly happened? To no one’s surprise, slight chaos. To start, the “MinKey” bickering is already back with Minho complaining: “I told you, Key, to get a vacation at the same time… but you refused to do that,” and “I went to see Taemin in my uniform and Key told the staff to kick me out.

| SHINee/V Live

Onew also visited to talk with Minho about military stories and to give him a cake.

| SHINee/V Live

They talked about how Minho was jealous that AKMU‘s Lee Chanhyuk was a higher rank than him. But then promoted AKMU’s new song “Happening”. He also promoted TWICE, saying how their song “Fancy” was the background music to his military life.

Minho interacted with fans in a special way this broadcast by giving away three flower-themed military hats that he had decorated.

| SHINee/V Live

And of course we have to mention that he’s wearing Jonghyun‘s ring!

Fans were really excited to see him and watch his antics again.

We can’t wait to have SHINee all together again!

Welcome back, Minho!