SHINee’s Minho Learned Something New About Instagram, And It’s The Most Adorable Thing Ever

Minho definitely picked up a new social media skill!

SHINee‘s Minho just learned something new about Instagram, and you will be busting out the UWU’s at his adorable self!

Minho recently sat down for a TMI interview with GQ Korea, where he answered personal questions about himself!

| GQ Korea/ YouTube

Back in December, Minho surprised fans by launching his very own Instagram account in celebration of his 30th birthday!

As his account is over a month old and he now has several posts, fans asked him a question about his latest saved post on Instagram!

The most recently saved Instagram post?

As soon as he read the question, Minho looked up in bewilderment, and adorably asked if saving posts on Instagram was an actual thing!

Is there such a thing? No wait, there is such a thing?!

You save the posts that other people uploaded?


After getting over his initial shock, he laughingly admitted that he has no saved posts currently due to having learnt about Instagram’s “save” feature just now!

I’m really bad at this. I’ve never used the “save” feature! I just found out there’s such a thing.

I’ll try next time.


Finding his lack of knowledge about social media hilarious, he then cutely blamed the staff for not telling him about this beforehand!

This is so funny. I never knew that existed.

Why didn’t you tell me~


Looks like Minho gained a new social media skill that he can use!

Watch him hilariously talk about his Instagram knowledge here, from the 2:40 mark onwards!