SHINee’s Minho Looked Like A Scene From A Movie At His Training Completion Ceremony

“I feel like I watched an entire film. His face is the story.”

Photos of SHINee‘s Minho looking like a scene from a movie at his training completion ceremony have been spreading through online communities.

Minho recently completed his 6-week basic training.


Minho looked straight ahead with an expression filled with determination as he performed the perfect military salute.


He held his completion certificate in his left arm and exuded charisma that had fans swooning.


Many netizens agreed that Minho at his completion ceremony looked like a scene from a movie.

  • “Wow, how can he look so good in that uniform”
  • “Looks like he’s filming a movie”
  • “I feel like I watched an entire film. His face is the story”


Fellow labelmate, TVXQ‘s Changmin, also shared a screenshot of his video call with Minho on this day. In the caption he wrote, “My goodness, a man who went in and came out of a man-made blast furnace. You are like Ironman.”


Meanwhile, many fans also fell in love with Minho all over again after seeing how he greeted his mother on this same day.

Source: Dispatch