SHINee’s Minho Shared Thoughts On Military Enlistment In Last Photoshoot Before His Enlistment

“I thought it was an opportunity for me to convey my sincerity to the public.”

SHINee‘s Minho shared his thoughts on his military enlistment in his last photoshoot before he enlisted on April 15.

SHINee member and actor Minho participated in a photoshoot for Elle Magazine 10 days before his enlistment.


In the interview that accompanied the photoshoot, Minho talked about his life in his 20’s and about his upcoming military enlistment.

I began working earlier than others my age and I think I was able to spend a 20’s that was relatively condensed with numerous experiences, building relationships with many people.

ㅡ Minho

If I do my best with training in a place separated from my current work and focus on that time, I think it could become a time where I can transform myself. I think successfully completing my military life without any regrets would be good for me and would also be a good opportunity for me to convey my sincerity to the public.

ㅡ Minho


Minho also talked about his upcoming film The Battle of Jangsari, which has become his final work before his enlistment. He stated that he chose the work because he was attracted to the power of the real-life story.

I really wanted to deliver the vividness of the setting, so I tried to have the heart of fighting in a war throughout the entire filming.

ㅡ Minho


Minho’s photoshoot and full interview will be revealed in the May issue of Elle Magazine.

Source: Xportsnews