Here’s The “Meme-Worthy” Moment SHINee’s Minho And Onew Will Tease Key About For The Rest Of Their Lives

They won’t let Key live this down! 😩😂

SHINee‘s Minho and Onew have found a new favorite meme of Key!

SHINee’s Onew (left) and Minho (right) | @JinkiWaistPls/Twitter

Onew recently appeared on Minho’s Naver NOW radio show, Best Choice. On Best Choice, Minho talks about his favorite things, including sports, K-Dramas, and his fellow SHINee members!

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Key also appeared on Best Choice while promoting his mini album BAD LOVE and its title track of the same name.

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During Onew’s appearance on Best Choice, Minho and Onew talked about their recent schedules, like Minho’s K-Drama Yumi’s Cells and Onew’s recent reality show Sea of Hope.

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Of course, no SHINee member update would be complete without talking about the massive success of Key’s BAD LOVE, so Minho and Onew talked about Key’s mini album, too.

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Minho said, “In October, I was on Yumi’s Cells as a cameo while Key dropped a single in August. By September, he had a mini-album out and in October, he had his Music Core win.”

When Key won with “BAD LOVE” for the first time on Show! Music Core, he was very surprised and he was overcome with emotions. He fought very hard to bring his vision for “BAD LOVE” to life, so the win was especially meaningful to him.

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When he won, Key looked shocked and asked “Why?”

Then, he did a very emotional encore rendition of “BAD LOVE.” Although he was crying, Key still sounded amazing!

While Minho and Onew were definitely proud of all the success Key enjoyed with “BAD LOVE,” they couldn’t resist imitating his reaction to his Show! Music Core win on Best Choice. Minho imitated Key’s face when he was announced as the winner.

Onew laughed and imitated Key’s reaction, too. He said, “ME?! I WON?! HOW DID I WIN?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!”

Minho thanked Music Core for airing the meme-worthy moment of Key. He said, “Yup, he got quite emotional about it. And, I have to say… Thank you Show! Music Core for that meme-worthy moment. We’ll be teasing Key over it for the rest of our lives.”

Onew chimed in by saying, “He did work really hard for that album, though.”

Minho totally agreed and said, “Oh, absolutely. He gave it his best and it was a great album.”

Although they lovingly made fun of Key’s reaction to his first “BAD LOVE” win, both Minho and Onew deeply respect what he achieved with his mini album!